EXFOLIATE exfoliant + mask

EXFOLIATE exfoliant + mask

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WARNING: Removes dry & dead skin cells whilst cleansing & smoothing skin, targeting acne, fading dark marks, hyperpigmentation and blemishes

USE: Apply small amount into hands, apply a few drops of water and gently massage into skin in circular motions for 1-2 minutes, then rinse with warm water. For extra treatment leave on full face mask or desired area for 10-15 minutes before massaging & rinsing off

DOSE: 1 dose per day. Use as directed by @shopanotherdose

SIZE/WEIGHT: 60g | 2oz

Contains bentonite clay, orange peel powder, lemon peel powder, rose powder, chamomile powder, sandalwood powder, liquorice root powder, hibiscus powder, neem powder and ginger powder