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Specially formulated herbal skincare products which target problematic skin issues such as hyperpigmentation, dark spots, acne, eczema, dryness, irritation/inflamation + more.



Scientifically proven ayurvedic herbal ingredients are used to formulate our hair growth products which target hair issues such as breakage, thinning, balding, alopecia, retention + more.



Specially formulated herbal bodycare products which target problematic skin issues such as hyperpigmentation, dark spots, acne, eczema, dryness, irritation, inflammation + more.



Our kits + bundles are recommended to get the best results for your skin and haircare needs. Products work hand in hand, what better way to discover a kit that'll work for you to become your new skin or haircare routine.

Based on 64 reviews
Best product on earth

I’ve been such a transformation in my skin, I’m constantly complimented on my natural skin even with no make up on.

REPAIR skin butter
Sandra Hill
The best cream I've used for dark spots

Repair literally has my dark spots clearing after each application - love it! My skin is glowing

EVEN kit
Shawana King
Feeling natural and beautiful

I really love the way the kit makes my skin feel. I have combination skin, so at first I was skeptical about the oil in the scrub, but it hasn’t broken me out or irritated my skin. Great product! I’m still looking for my end results, but at the moment I see it healing and helping my skin!

Review: this combination has restored my self esteem! I use this as my weekly beauty regimen and I along with others has seen a transformational difference!!

Best face and body scrub

Started off using the Brighten scrub just on my body, then found out I could use it on my face also and I haven't looked back.

Love the foaming element and how gentle it is. Leaves my skin feeling smooth, soft and silky whilst also combating my hyperpigmentation and ingrown hairs.

All the way from Mississippi

Works great for hypertension for women

RADIANT cleansing paste
Shamaaka Augustine
Awesome products

I’ve brought the brighten and it was amazing!! This is my first time trying radiant and so far I love it!!

DIVINE intimate oil
julliet ansah-joseph
Divine oil

Absolutely amazing product I use twice daily. Will definitely be purchasing again. X

REPAIR skin butter
Serena Morris
Works wonders!

My sister and I get eczema flair ups from time to time. When I first started using the repair cream and realised how good it was I recommended it to my sister, she ended up using all mine so I’m finally gonna order one just for her lol. A little goes a long way but it deffo works for us

RADIANT cleansing paste
Laticia Foster
Love this product!!!

Really love the Radiant cleansing paste. My face feels nice, supple and bright after use even with double cleansing, with no drying effect on my skin. Been using it consistently morning and night for nearly a year and wouldn't change it.

BRIGHTEN foaming polish
Samantha Followell
The *best* physical scrub I’ve ever used!

I didn’t get any real problems with my skin until I was an adult and I wish this product had been available when it first started! It’s been an absolute game changer in my skin care, and partnered with the FADE moisturiser, my skin is literally glowing! I go bare faced most days now and I have noticed an improvement in skin texture as well as a serious lack of oil (which is always a problem for me). The pigmentation in my skin has gone down and my acne scarring has improved dramatically. I tend to only use it once a week as I don’t want to overwhelm my face. But genuinely, it’s brilliant. ❤️

I've been missing out!

I ordered the Brighten for my hyperpigmentation, and after just ONE use.....oh my goodness, my face has never felt so smooth and hydrated in all of my life!!!! I do not need lotion anymore and my face feels better then ever!!!! ❤

I ordered the correction bundle and it has worked perfectly over the two weeks I have been using it.
Due to excessive shaving of my bikini area I developed ingrowing hairs and the area was dark. The area has improved so much since using your products. Thank you so much

FADE skin butter
Sam S.

I ordered the correction bundle and it has worked perfectly over the two weeks I have been using it.
Due to excessive shaving of my bikini area I developed ingrowing hairs and the area was dark. The area has improved so much since using your products. Thank you so much

I absolutely LOVE this polish/scrub! I have acne prone skin which leaves me with lots of pigmentation. I have used this scrub around 2 weeks and can visibly see that my skin is brighter and scars are fading.

It leaves my skin feeling so soft after each use.

Highly recommended ❤️

Helps with acne, dull skin, pigmentation. Skin is left feeling super smooth, glowy and clear! Love it! By far my most fave cleanser I’ve ever bought, can see a difference straight away. This plus the fade cream is a great combination!

FADE skin butter
Areesha Z.

Amazing! Nearly finished this tub cannot wait to purchase again! Leaves the skin feeling super hydrated, and glowy!

FADE skin butter
Serena M.

My skin has never looked and felt better 😍 this is with no filter and no makeup. Just melanin and sunshine. Honestly this stuff works and a little goes a long way 10000% recommend trying this along with the scrub.

This product has saved my daughters confidence. My daughter was diagnosed with alopecia and covers her hair, this year I decided to use retain on her hair within a month you could could see dramatic changes and still now the growth is picking up. I am so happy and pleased my daughter can now walk in confidence and not hide.

FADE skin butter
Elliott J.

I’ve tried quite a few different creams, some I liked more than others. Then I started using this at the beginning of lockdown… Amazing! It’s not too heavy, so it doesn’t make me sweat. A little goes a long way though, so it lasts ages. I’ve had compliments on my skin numerous times since I started using it. My ‘routine’ is simple: water, exfoliate and fade skin butter. It works perfectly for me, so can’t recommend it highly enough.
29 year old male btw

BLOOM skin oil
Justina H.

I didn’t take before pictures! But I’m on my 2nd bottle of Bloom I absolutely love it!! The oil combined with the Radiant face wash and Fade cream is MAGIC!! I used to get bad scarring even with the smallest spot now I barely get a scar and if I do it’s gone within a week. I’ve had loads of compliments my family and friends think I’m wearing foundation and I’m not it’s my SKIN lol. I don’t use any other products anymore. I love it I used to be quite self conscious now I rock my bare face. I am a loyal customer forever!!! Definitely don’t hesitate sis get yourself Some xx

RAW african black soap
Monalisa M.

Love the black soap! It’s the real thing unlike store bought black soap, I’ve even replaced it with my usual go to shower gel & added it to my face routine twice a week and I’ve been seeing drastic improvements in my pigmentation & uneven skin!

DEEP oil cleanser
Monalisa M.

I bought this oil because I was worried about my skin drying out whilst using the hyperpigmentation and it really does the job! It clears off my make up before I wash using radiant and still keeps my skin feeling soft and glowing! Not to mention my dark marks are fading away too! Would recommend to use with the hyperpigmentation kit & healing butter

REPAIR skin butter
Monalisa M.

I bought this to help with healing my skin whilst also using the hyper pigmentation kit & since adding it to my daily routine it’s really helped speed up the process! Would recommend to use with the hyperpigmentation kit & deep cleanser if that is one of your problem areas

Monalisa M.

Back with another review since my 5 week progress and this one is just under 10 weeks! I’m soooo impressed with how quickly the kit has helped my skin, I also decided to purchase the deep oil cleanser and the healing cream and I would recommend it, really changed the game! I also got the black soap but only use it twice a week with al the other products!